Ep.27 – Heavy Metals: Why We Should Remove Them and How


As Coaches, finding solutions to challenges that clients have is really what we do. Knowing where to look or what path to go down is vital in a clients success journey. This also means understanding why microbes like yeast, fungus or parasites won’t reduce to an acceptable level.

Parasites and other microbes are in all of us. But when they begin to over run our system, we have to ask why? What and how we eat can affect the gut environment. Which will allow parasites to thrive. As well, some of their favorite foods are heavy metals. So if we have them in our system, parasites will love to stay. Which also means parasites can carry a higher concentration of heavy metals in them, than our body is used to having.

So what are examples of heavy metals? Mercury, cadmium, fluoride, nickel, copper, lead to name a few. Where can we find them? In items like tap water, birth control, dental work, cosmetics and vaccines. Regular exposure to these items over time will cause a build up in our system. As our body, naturally doesn’t know how to remove these items from our system.

But what’s the big deal with having too many heavy metals in our system? Well they can be amazing hormone disruptors. Affecting the very things that affect our health and fat loss. They can collect in fatty tissues. Which also means fat will need to stay around despite things like exercise. Organs are another place they end up. Which will definitely affect their function. Lastly, as I said, they attract microbes like yeast, parasites and fungus/mold.

If our clients are having heavy metal issues. They may also have issues with cellulite, dropping body fat, possibly gall bladder issues, skin issues and even auto immunity challenges. Even higher level concerns like M.S, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Not to mention altered cell structures like our highly important mitochondria.

In this episode of The Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™ Podcast Ken Sylvan interviews his friend Jason Persaud, highly respected colleague and owner of Excito Life Health and Wellness. As they discuss Heavy Metals, why coaches need to be aware of them when working with clients and how to detox them safely.

This episode is hosted by Ken Sylvan
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