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In 3 months, you could be helping your clients heal and transforming their lives as a CERTIFIED STRESS-REDUCED FAT LOSS™️ PRACTITIONER.


Whether you’re a personal trainer, coach, or nutritionist, or you’re brand-new to the idea of coaching...

...This certification mentorship is for you.

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Ken Sylvan,

Ken Sylvan

Ken has 20 plus years of experience in the fitness industry from managing fitness clubs, teaching trainers and helping clients achieve their goals. Using his expertise in gut/hormonal health he has taught people how to heal and transform their bodies! He did his BSc. in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. He later went back to school at the Alive Academy and became a Holistic Nutritionist. Some of his other certifications are from Poliquin Biosignature level 1 and 2. Specializing in Women's Hormonal Issues, as well as becoming a Qi Gong Medicine Therapist. Who has Ken helped over the years? Women/men struggling with migraines, stubborn fat loss, constipation/diarrhea, premenstrual issues, sleep issues and more. Helping people understand why they are stuck, and what they have to do to heal and transform, is why Ken started in fitness. And it's why he is still here today!

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What is a Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner?

Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™️ Practitioners coach clients through holistic fat loss and health transformations by helping their clients heal from the inside out.

Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™️ Practitioners solve 7 different health problems for clients who are struggling with: 

Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™️ Practitioners are trained to use a powerful 5 STEP ASSESSMENT to gain an awareness of the body as a whole. This assessment identifies internal and external stressors on organs and systems, creating a dis-ease of homeostasis (balance).

In this 3 month, online certification, we’ll teach you exactly how to assess your clients, how to read the data, and how to create a tailored plan for your clients.


Imagine being able to balance your clients hormones, so they know longer have intense period pains, acne, mood swings, or headaches.


Imagine being able to heal your clients improve their gut health so they no longer feel bloated, constipated, or have stomach aches.


Imagine being able to improve your clients insulin resistance, so they no longer store fat in the waist and experience fatigue.


Imagine being able to help your clients finally lose that stubborn fat !

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As a Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner, you’ll be able to:

Our certification will also teach you:

Once the assessment is complete, the Stress -Reduced Fat Loss™ Practitioner creates a personalized protocol to target a client's EXACT imbalances and then coaches them to success.This protocol allows clients to LOSE fat, HEAL, FEEL better, LOOK better, MOVE better, PERFORM better, and experience a significant increase in quality of life.