Ep.13 – Water Is Not Just Water – what else are you drinking?


Water quality is probably the most underrated key to fat loss and optimal health. We teach our students that water acts as the Detox Highway for the body; creating a flushing system for toxins and natural metabolic waste.

In the fitness industry there has been decades of conversations around the quantity of water needed for health, exercise and assisting the body with fat loss, but in this conversation we want to draw your attention towards QUALITY of water.

If your client is not drinking filtered, high quality water, their liver will continue to be backed up, skin issues will continue, and their bowels will slow. ⁣This results in a toxic, acid environment that is far from conducive for optimal health and fat loss.

This happens because without filtering tap water we could be ingesting discarded birth control and other medications, rotting food particles, bacteria, plastics, chemicals from bathroom products, and so many other toxins found in community tap water.⁣

⁣Yes, tap water is ‘safe’ in the context of not having harmful bacteria in it, therefore not making us sick. But it’s important to understand the other variables that come with just tap water.

Consider this, community water is reused and recycled. This makes sense from a sustainability aspect or else the city would most definitely run out of water. So the shower, sink and toilet water from each home must be reused. In order to bring this water back to a state of safety for human ingestion it must be run through a filtration and chlorination. This process creates ‘safe’ water, but not health promoting water.

Community filtration systems don’t filter:

  • Medication residue in urine. Birth control is a large issue for the hormonal imbalances we are seeing.
  • Plastic residues, resulting in hormonal disruption.
  • Lead and other heavy metals creating a bioaccumulation in the body and potential neurological issues
  • Chemicals from nearby plants and factories and pesticide run off into ground water. Along with home cleaning and beauty product chemicals. These chemicals, like plastics create a hormonal disruption within the body.

A good water filtration system is always recommended to filter out unwanted elements, as mentioned above, to avoid any long term negative effects.

Remember a body system that is stressed, to any degree, results in declining health and poor ability to lose body fat.

In this podcast episode, Ken and Sara discuss this topic and give some recommendations for good water filtration systems like a Santevia or Berkey water pitchers. For those looking to invest in an extremely high quality water system, you may want to look at Kangen.

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