Ep.19 – What To Do If A Client Stalls In Their Progress


As a coach, it’s important to know how to navigate the various situations you will find yourself in with clients. Progress with any client must be a focus, to ensure you are fulfilled as a coach and the client is satisfied with their investment.

The process of transforming a client’s body and health has varying degrees of speed and results. Looking at this process in a linear perspective will only set you and the client up for failure.

Slowing or a stalling of progress happens and they are absolutely normal on a client’s journey. The body is always in motion and processing, so it’s vital to understand what is happening with a client’s body during these slower phases – there is never nothing going on.

In this episode Ken and Sara talk about 5 simple strategies to help you, the coach and the client move past this phase with ease. These strategies are:

  1. Make 1 change or adjustment to the clients protocol every 5 days. Changing too many things at once doesn’t allow you to have clarity on the client’s progress and could end of confusing both of you even more.

  2. Refer back to their food log. Checking in on a client’s dietary choices can give insight to poor meal timing, food choices or portions.

  3. Don’t blame yourself. Coming down hard on yourself does nothing to shift the direction of your client’s progress. Focus on what you can do now and refer back to the check ins, data and tracking that you have been doing together to identify problems.

  4. Create a conversation with the client about the various transformation phases and rate of progression. Have them understand that change doesn’t happen over night and it’s normal to have periods of fast vs slower rates of progress.

  5. Ensure the client is being consistent with every aspect of their protocol. Even the smallest deviation of actions or behaviours can change the trajectory of the results they are after.

Listen into episode #19 of The Stress Reduced-Fat Loss™ Podcast as Ken and Sara unpack these 5 points to help you shift more clients out of a place of stagnation or stalled progression.

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