Ep.21 – 4 Causes Of Bloating & How To Eliminate This Painful Symptom


How many times have you heard a client complain of feeling bloated?

Experiencing a distended, painful abdomen area is highly uncomfortable and can be quite embarrassing for anyone.

Most people who struggle with bloating will reach for tums, pepto, bubbly drinks, take meds, or just put up with it. We live in a world of fast prescriptions and bandaid solutions, but this doesn’t get to the root cause of what’s causing the bloating and it will most likely continue to be an issue.

Understanding WHY your client feels bloated is most important.

Bloating happens when the body is telling us something is wrong.  Most likely, they are not processing the foods they are eating.

This happens because:

  1. Meal timing is off – the body enjoys being on a consistent rhythm and runs on it’s own internal clocked called the circadian rhythm. Eating at sporadic times throughout the day or at least not on a consistent schedule will throw the body’s natural processes out of alignment.

  2. Certain foods disrupt the gut – the most common culprits are the Furious Five: wheat, corn, soy, sugar and dairy.  These foods are very inflammatory, and removing them will 100% make a massive difference in healing, repair, and digestive system function.

  3. Stomach acid levels are low – the stomach secretes a powerful acidic substance called HCl that must be at a certain low level of pH and high quantity level. If one or both of these factors are missing then food is not properly broken down in the stomach creating strain on the lower digestive processes, most likely resulting in putrification/rotting of food in the lower intestine. Testing your client’s stomach acid level is vital to understanding whats going on.

  4. Stress is too high – when the body is in fight or flight mode, it cannot be in rest and digest, which is optimal for digestive processes. A busy schedule, always on the go, rushing when eating or just feeling overwhelmed are signs of stress and a strain on the nervous system.

Listen into this episode as Ken and Sara break this topic down and give you insight on how to help a client elevate this frustrating symptom. Constantly covering up, or just putting up with the bloating, will cause more issues and symptoms to pop up down the road. Bloating is very common, but it is NOT NORMAL.  It’s a signal that something is not functioning well.

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