Ep.26 – How to Drastically Change Your Life: TruthfulMedicine


Taking control of all the things that come into our lives is important. Many clients and even us as coaches can run into hard times in our lives. This can lead to illness or our bodies being unable to function the way we desire. We are taught that we get older and our bodies just fall apart. Well what if it doesn’t have to be that way?
We are the cures of all diseases both within and without. Meaning, how we live, breathe, think and move, all affects the health of our body’s. If our thoughts, moods, mental or emotional stress can affect our health negatively. Then can it not affect our health positively?

Enter TruthfulMedicine. It is the dance of empowered healing and spiritual awakening for all life on this planet. Although there are a specific set of tools and principles of it. Your TruthfulMedicine may be slightly different than mine. But understanding we are the creators of everything in our life is key. What you create is up to you.

The core principle of the teaching is that the more truthful we become to who and what we are, the greater the knowing and acceptance of the true nature or our divine existence.

TruthfulMedicine unites those souls who desire such teachings and healings in a state of harmony, abundance, health and love. It teaches that we can attain divine freedom on all life planes: physical, soul and spirit.

More importantly, living and uniting through TruthfulMedicine by Divine Love will further unfold such a beautiful state of being.

In this episode of The Stress-Reduced Fat Loss™ Podcast Ken Sylvan interviews mentor, creator of TruthfulMedicine, teacher, friend and colleague. Dr. Adonis Makris. As they discuss how TruthfulMedicine can help you the coach and then your clients live their best life.

This episode is hosted by Ken Sylvan
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