Ep.7 – Do Macronutrient Ratios Matter?


Many fitness professionals rely on tracking macros (macronutrients – carbs, fats and protein) in order for their clients to hit their weight loss goals. ⁣

We don’t. ⁣

At all. ⁣

And we teach our Mentorship students the same. 

Here is why: ⁣

  1. Macros do not take digestion into consideration. Your client can hit their macro targets, but if they are bloated and not having proper bowel movements, their bodies will not be using the food effectively, and this will slow down fat loss.⁣

    In fact, many clients who have come to us in the past have been fitness professionals themselves, or worked with many trainers in the past. They track their macros, and many were even under eating (in a caloric deficit), yet their weight slowly crept up.⁣

    Improving digestion is a big part of what we do with our clients, and what we teach our Mentorship Students to focus on with their clients. ⁣

  2. Counting / tracking macros can create an unhealthy relationship with food. While tracking macros can make your client mindful of portions and daily total calories, they can become disconnected from the healing properties of food and from their body’s innate wisdom and signals.
  3. Many people who track macros get obsessed with the numbers, and constantly fit in “inflammatory” foods into their daily macros , which is another problem.

    We teach our clients and students how to fuel with healing foods, listen to their bodies, and give us feedback. ⁣

  4. Macros are a very small variable in the fat loss process. ⁣Our Stress Reduced Fat Loss™️ System assesses the body as a whole, rather than isolating parts of it. ⁣
    We use nutrition to improve absorption & elimination of food, sleep quality, blood sugar levels, hormonal balance, and detoxification. 

Until you are addressing ALL OF THESE with your clients, you will not create sustainable, holistic, healing, fat loss transformations with your clients.

When it does come to macronutrient ratios we prefer to determine a client’s PRIMAL PATTERN TYPE, which is a nutrition technique of determining which macronutrients a client uses best for fuel and sustainability of health.

There are 3 Primal Pattern Types discovered by Dr. Westin Price and adopted by Paul Chek for optimizing health. The 3 Primal Pattern Types are: Carb Type, Protein Type and Mixed Type.

In this podcast episode you will learn from Sara and Bharat about these 3 types, why North Americans have deviated from these proper patterns and why they are so important in a client’s journey to optimal fat loss and vibrant health.

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