Ep.8 – YES, Perfume Can Lead To Big Thighs & Hard To Lose Body Fat


When a holistic practitioner is looking at body fat distribution on the human body, calories in and calories out is a secondary thought.

Fat distribution and hard to lose body fat in certain areas, most likely will come down to a hormone imbalance. In North America we typically see 6 major hormone imbalances contributing to fat gain and stubborn fat loss: Estrogen, Testosterone, Insulin, Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormone and Cortisol.

Many women struggle with lower body fat, especially on the hips and thighs. Frustration with this area sets in when no amount of cardio or calorie deficit  can accomplish the intended result.

Estrogen is responsible for lower body fat on women, who are naturally meant to carry more weight on their hips than men. When this area presents with stubborn fat loss we need to consider chemical load and detoxification of estrogen.

There are more chemicals within our food, products, air, cleaners and environments than ever before. The body intakes these chemicals through our skin, our lunges and digestive track, creating a xenoestrogen (pseudo estrogen) and needs to process (detoxify) and remove from the body.

In small doses, these chemicals have little effect on our health. When thousands upon thousands of these chemicals are interacting with our body every day, this presents an overwhelming factor to our detoxification systems.

When the body cannot effectively remove (detox) these chemicals/xenoestrogens they are left to float around the body, resulting in an estrogenic effect that is 10x stronger than natural estrogen.

In this episode Bharat & Sara discuss the chemical industry & it’s evolution into most of our food, household & beauty products. 

If it appears that a woman is struggling to lose body fat on their lower half we must look at 2 things: estrogen dominance from natural production or most likely these from synthetic chemicals, along with estrogen detoxification from the body.

Bharat & Sara will help you understand how synthetic chemicals from every day products, like perfume, result in a backed up detoxification system and the body storing chemicals in fat cells.

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